Thursday, July 21, 2005

You Always Have A Choice

Sometimes when I'm feeling a little discouraged, that means it's time to remind my Self that I might be feeling this way because I have been living my life only on one level; that of the limited, human (delusionary) level. In other words, I'm judging myself and my life again! Could it be possible that all of us have access to another higher, more enlightened level of existence? I believe we do.

The keys to this Grace were given to me a long, long time ago, but, being human, I continue to stumble along blindly on this old, tired level with a worn-out outlook that doesn't work for me, never has worked for me and is stagnant. Yes, I'm only human, but Jeez!

Once I take a moment to be still and to remind myself that I have an actual choice about how I want to be in this world, almost instantly as a result of this new awareness, the old blinders fall off and I'm once again in that beloved awareness where I truly belong. It is who I am.

We always have an opportunity to make this choice in every moment. We can choose to exist in a vaccum with those blinders on, believing and trusting in the "world of effects" - the world we can see. Or we can choose to open our hearts into a new way of being, to accepting a higher vision of who we are, moving beyond what we think and see. We can choose to listen.

So what if you're sad, mad, broke or confused? That's a choice you made, and you can also choose to let it go. For you possess ultimate control over how you choose to be in every moment - that's called free will. None of us are limited unless we choose to dwell in that perception. There's another, higher world that we have access to that is invisible and abundantly supportive and loving. That is true reality.

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