Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Inspiring Power of Community

The Buddha of Fire & Light - photo by WildGoddess

A few evenings ago, I and my fellow sister-goddesses made a trek to Dockweiler Beach. Our plans were to settle around a firepit, light a big bonfire, and celebrate Mother Nature and the setting summer sun.

Unfortunately, things didn't quite go as we had planned; by the time we arrived, all of the firepits were taken. Masking our disappointment, we settled down on the sand near a big, noisy family who were obviously having some sort of celebration. As we watched them, we noticed that even though they were surrounding a firepit, they weren't actually using it. So, interrupting their celebration, I walked over and asked the group if we could use their firepit, also inviting them to feel free to enjoy our fire. With generous smiles, they welcomed me and my girlfriends with open arms.

Even though this proposition was met with some reluctance on our part because we had actually come to the beach to listen to the sound of the surf (instead of Snoop Doggy Dog on a ghettoblaster!), we all decided to just trust the moment and roll with it. We came there to build a fire, so we moved our chairs over to the family's firepit, and were instantaneously embraced by this family's warm, generous heart.

Food and beverages were pressed upon us, teenagers came up and invited us "old folks" to dance to Snoop. Young children came over and sat with us, delighting in the warmth of our fire. Other family members brought us more wood to place upon the fire, and even felt free to chat with us about their lives. Before long, a neighboring Latino family offered food, too!

That summer evening turned out to be an absolute delight, and we eventually got our wish for peace, for as the sun began to set, our new friends packed up their things and headed home. Before long, we were finally able to listen to the sweet sound of the surf, the sound of our family's goodbyes lingering on the air.

Because we live in Los Angeles, we're constantly made aware of the so-called tension between blacks and Latinos in this city, but I have to say that during that warm summer night at Dockweiler Beach, all we experienced was love and an abiding sense of community. For that, I am grateful.

The Secret WildGoddess would also like to thank the "Every Woman Is A Goddess" blog for mentioning not only this blog, but my other art/photography blog, Tribe of Mari, and my website as well. It's a fantastic blog that talks about the work all of us web goddesses do, and I highly recommend it. Blessings!


Cerridwen Iris Shea said...

What a beautiful blog!

When Community pulls together, it's a beautiful thing, isn't it? And now, with what's happened in New Orleans, we need that spirit to grow more strongly than ever.

WildGoddess said...

Yes, Cerridwen, we must!