Monday, September 12, 2005

I Face You and You Must Face Me

These days we can no longer avoid the inescapable fact that we are part of a vast global community and must face the truth that, yes, we are indeed connected to one another. What I do or say will have an impact on someone else, negatively or positively. In this context I am responsible for you and you are responsible for me. Therefore, if I want to live a life that is peaceful and fulfilled, I must want that for everyone as well. And I must work towards that in whatever way I am able. No more sticking our heads in the sand. I face you, and you must face me head on.

I believe that we all are now being asked on a deeply subconscious level to let go of old, limiting beliefs that no longer serve us, and to instead move into a open place of enlightenment. Enlightenment right here on Planet Earth...doesn't that sound delightful?

I am not alone on an isolated island, I share this planet with each and every one of you. Therefore I must care for you. I must offer what I can to you, as you would to me. There are no borders or boundaries between us, except for what the mind has created, and those are illusory.

To become enlightened means making a conscious choice to be awake and aware: to life and love, to sadness and pain, to the breathing of each of us. Listen to each other and wake up.


Anonymous said...

I know this was posted eons ago but I have just read it and it really spoke to me and helped me.
you are an angel

Anonymous said...

Have you read "No Man Is An Island" by Thomas Merton?