Saturday, October 22, 2005

I Face Myself

"Gentle Mari" by WildGoddess

I recently made the aquaintance of a very gentle and aware person who, for whatever reason, has the ability to help me shift my spiritual viewpoint. My willingness to be totally present with him is taking me full circle; I'm able to take another long look at all of those doubts, fears, and yes, even awarenesses that I inadvertently tucked away in a hidden place of my consciousness. I'm forced to face myself (again!).

Because of this man's openness, kindness and unbounded enthusiasm to explore the totality of himself, he has reawakened that deep desire in me. He is helping me to re-discover my self. And even though we have become great friends, I also see him as a great teacher, for he teaches me by example.

It's a wonderful discovery to recognize the teachers in your life; those who have come to shake you awake! A so-called enemy could be a teacher for you, showing you how to stand up for yourself and value yourself. A husband or child or an employer could also play a role in teaching you about who you really are (or showing you who you are really NOT!)

I invite you to look around and discover those individuals in your life who are offering to you this greatest of gifts.

On another note, I was quite surprised to recieve a rather astute compliment about my artwork from a talented artist named Aaron at my "Tribe of Mari" art/photography blog. Comments are always appreciated, so, thank you, Aaron!

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Aaron Paquette said...

A pleasure, Mari.

And this piece is so rich and quiet. You're definitely on to something here.