Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sound Making Waves

I'm welcoming myself back after a loooong absence!

I've been quite busy during that time. I've been diligently working away at not only my art, but also trying to expand my own awareness of myself and my intentions, as well as counseling clients who are interested in accomplishing the same thing. After all, how can we know the world, if we don't know the world that lives within our own nature?

One of the practices I've been working with lately is toning. Toning is an established technique that many use, including sound therapists. It consists of creating a sound (preferably a vowel sound, such as "oo"), and holding it on the breath until it fades out. This is a natural practice for me, because I'm a professional singer. But I do it in the most unusual place, my car, while I'm driving!

It's very powerful for me because it helps to relieve stress as it calms and centers me. On top of that, I enjoy it because it strengthens and focuses the voice itself. It a great warm-up! I begin by choosing a vowel, such as "a", and gently using my breath, begin to tone it using my lower register low note to start. Then I move up the scale using that same vowel. After I've gone up the scale six or eight notes, I begin again in my lower register, this time tonig each vowel sound before moving to the next note on the scale.

I allow these tones to flow naturally and gently on my breath - remember, this is not singing! It's not about power, and volume, it's about exploring the sound that's within you. I urge you to try it (the shower's another great place!) It's also great to do when beginning a meditation session.


p.s. I've got some beautiful new art up at my online portfolio page if you'd like to see it.

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