Saturday, November 12, 2005

Kali-Ma, the Black Goddess of India

This is one of my favorite artworks, for obvious reasons: She's female and black like me(but a lot scarier looking)!

Taking it a step further, Kali-Ma is a Goddess, and in this distorted world we live in, it's very rare to encounter a black divinity. So, of course, I can totally relate to Her, but the main reason I adore Kali-Ma so much is that this Goddess represents cataclysmic change. She is a Destroyer; She doesn't shilly-shally around. Kali-Ma cuts directly to the chase and changes your life, whether you're ready for it or not. Because She knows that you're ready.

It was an honor for me to create this image of Her; it came literally unbidden. And when you're ready for a transformed life, I urge you to surmount any fear you may have and pray to Her; knowing She is listening. Save Her artwork to your hard drive, print Her out in color and hang Her on your wall.

Before you realize it, whatever is in your life that no longer serves your highest and greatest good will be eliminated, and something much more fulfilling will take its place.

Trust me on this (and put your seatbelt on)!


olive said...

Your artwork is absolutely wicked. Wish I could have sat next to you in art class. You really go at it with one sacred box of crayons! I love the way your Kali-Ma flows effortlessly out of the center of everything into the passionate reds of all the world around her. Wonderous! Olive.

yours truly said...

So beautiful. I'm very touched by your art.

SunTiger said...

I love the beautiful artwork and Kali-Ma. Also . . . Voodoo offers a plethera of black goddesses you might want to research. Talk about incredible archetypes!